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January 31 2014


Car Town Walkthrough Cheats and Strategy Guide Car Town Bots included

(Credit: Mazda) A Japanese town near Tokyo is about to become a test community for cars that run mainly on solar energy, several companies announced Wednesday. by Candace Lombardi May 13, 2010 8:18 AM PDT
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Mazda2 cars, known as the Mazda Demio in Japan, have been converted to all-electric drive trains.

Drivers will have smart cards that will be used for billing, tracking charges and wear, and for granting access to the cars and charging stations. The Japanese community is testing use of the Mazda2 EVs with a ZipCar business model through a program announced in December.

by Brian Cooley June 3, 2011 3:26 PM PDT
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We debate the robustness of Bluetooth streaming, data plans with new head units, the best 7 passenger vehicle that's not a mini-van. nCNET Roadside Assistance 015: Keep those wipers at mid-stride
Listen Now: Download Today's Podcast We debate the robustness of Bluetooth streaming, data plans with new head units, the best 7 passenger vehicle that's not a mini-van. and windshield wipers. and windshield wipers.

Perhaps the delivery had simply been sent to the wrong address. A Skype exorcism: The modern way to rid yourself of demons
The package was never recovered and the neighbors to whom the package was addressed were reportedly also innocent of any wrongdoing. nHow do you know what they might be ordering online and what you might unwittingly sign for? In these days of surveillance and paranoia, being a friend can lead to unfriendly consequences. nBut what about those folks at number 88? Why does the husband sit in his car in the driveway for hours at night?
The case does, though, present a wider and slightly chilling question: how well do you know your neighbors? Don't they seem a little shifty to you?
In James Sutcliffe's case, he was released without being charged. Who are those people who visit them -- always in black Town Cars?

by Antuan Goodwin October 4, 2010 12:58 PM PDT
Follow @antgoo The cancellation of the Lincoln Town Car leaves a huge void in the fleet vehicle market that Ford-Lincoln plans to fill with a pair of Lincoln MKT livery variants.

Think got $60 million to help launch its electric town car. Ford spent over $50 million designing and testing the car.
by Michael Kanellos July 20, 2007 12:02 PM PDT Norway's Think Global has received $60 million more in advance of the launch of its electric town car later this fall.
When you have any issues concerning in which as well as the way to employ Car town hack, it is possible to call us at our webpage. But will consumers take it for an expensive golf cart?
The company hopes to resurrect an electric town car created and later abandoned by Ford. The company will release the car in Norway and England in the fall and perhaps bring it to the states in 2008.

Back at the Cleantech Forum in February, Willums indicated in a quick conversation with me that the price, not including the battery lease, would be closer to $20,000, though he was vague on pricing. nWillums, though, has said that the lower operating costs and tax incentives will erode any pricing delta. That is, unless you can unplug a Coke machine and charge the car while you're down there.
The $35,000 price is also higher than earlier estimates.

Through a partnership with Mazda, Think Global, EnerDel, and Japanese conglomerate Itochu among others, Tsukuba City will be testing cars that rely on solar-generated electricity for their batteries, which will be rapid-charged at stations at local FamilyMart stores.

Solar panels attached to stationary grid-storage units designed by EnerDel will also have rapid-charging stations for the all-electric cars. The stationary storage units, gleaning and storing electricity from solar panels, will supply almost entirely solar-generated electricity for the cars.

Think already raised $25 million. Recharging the battery takes about six to seven hours, said CEO Jan Olaf Willums earlier this year. n"We don't manufacture a car that will go from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. You can have another car for that. New investors include Rockport Capital Partners and DFJ Element.
Think's car won't be for everyone. We will give you the best car from San Francisco to Palo Alto (a distance of about 30 miles)," he said. Although it can be driven at freeway speeds, it has a range of about 110 to 130 miles.

by Martin LaMonica January 11, 2009 8:37 AM PST
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Toyota Motor Sales announced an expanded commitment to electric vehicles on Saturday, disclosing plans to manufacture an all-electric city car by 2012 and a wider fleet of gas-electric hybrids. nAt the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Toyota showed off a concept car called the FT-EV, a battery-powered four-seat compact car. Although it's concept car, Toyota said it will release an "urban commuter" electric car in 2012. The world's biggest auto company will introduce an "urban commuter" all-electric car in 2012 and will start testing a plug-in Prius with a lithium-ion battery later this year.
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